Accessories can bring personality into any room throughout the use of style, color and texture. Family heirlooms and personal pieces collected during your travels often spark conversations and recollect fond memories. Fresh flowers, accent pillows and throw blankets seem to add that special finishing touch to any room. It’s amazing how quickly you can transform the look and feel of an open area by simply adding a fine oriental rug as your focal point. Rugs are often self expressive through their age, origin, style, color and shape, but also blend well into any setting shared with furniture, artwork or decorative pieces.

Lighting is another great way to freshen up your existing space. Select a unique lighting fixture and pair it with your favorite piece of furniture inside or out. Want to add visual interest to your room? Grouping and mixing items of varying heights and textures will draw attention to that particular area. Size is also important. Make sure you match the size of your accessories to complement your furniture. Remember to pair oversized accessories with larger pieces of furniture. These combinations usually display best in spacious open rooms. Mixing in current pieces with antiques and decorative accessories makes for an interesting combination in any home. And the right piece of artwork can truly make a lasting statement, whether it’s a piece from a renowned artist you just cannot live without or something specifically chosen for its color or size in order to complete the look of your favorite room.

The showrooms, galleries and outlets located inside Hickory Furniture Mart offer a wide variety of accessories to satisfy any need. Have fun with your selections. Accessorizing your home to create an entirely new look each season is a cost effective way to freshen up and bring new life into your home.